An accident can happen casually and without warning in construction sites. Seldom does and accident occurs where no injury is sustained by the workers and even the office employees of the construction deployed to the construction site for supervision and monitoring job. Since the occurrence of accident does not give a prior warning to anybody, the contractor should adhere to the strict implementation of safety measures if it wants to avoid delays in the completion of a project being undertaken, financial losses incurred to pay damages and hospitalization of workers and employees hurt during the accident and payment of penalties for violation of the state safety laws and regulations.

Construction works involve the utilization of heavy equipments and machines that may hurt the workers during construction works especially when they are done at night time. So, workers and employees should be enjoined by the management to wear helmets to protect their heads from falling debris and sharp objects particularly in massive vertical construction like big and tall buildings. Safety shoes and hand gloves are also important industrial safety supplies that must be worn by the workers in both vertical and horizontal construction like road and bridge construction to protect their feet and hands. Aside from these supplies to protect their bodies and limbs, marking tapes and warning labels are supplies that will be of great help to avoid occurrences of accidents.

Heavy equipments like bulldozers, cranes and trucks should be marked with reflective tapes so that they are visible to the eye during the night when the lights are dim in the construction site. Road and bridge approaches that are under construction should be marked with aisle warning labels to give ample sign to drivers and other people who may happen to pass by these areas prone to accidents. People can avoid accidents. For more information, people can visit this website issc.com.