Hard hats are very important when it comes to working with heavy equipment or working in an area where standard protection precaution is necessary. If you need to have a hard on your work, you must know the types of hard hat that is appropriate and suitable for your work and your working environment.

For you to have an idea of the different types of hard hats, check out the lists below.

1.      Electrical class G. this type of hat is formerly known as class A. this type of hat reduces the risk of exposure when in contract with low voltage conductors. In order to pass the ANSI standard and certification, this hat was proof tested at 2,000 volts.

2.      Electrical class E. this hat is formerly known as class B hard hats. This type of hat is created to decrease the risk of exposure to conductors with high voltage and electric sources. To pass for ANSI certification, these hats are tested at 20,000volts.

3.      Electrical class C. users of this hat are only protected from hard and falling objects but not with impacts from electrical conductors since this hat is not electrically insulated.

4.      Impact type 1. This is the most commonly used hard hat. This type of hat is created to decrease the force of impact from falling objects or forces that hits the head since it reduces the collision impact of objects that hits the head.

5.      Impact type 2.  This type of hat is lined with thick density foam on its inner sides to reduce the impact force that are received from falling objects on the top of the head.

Before you hit the personal protective equipment store, make sure that you know what type of hard hat that you will be using. Having to use the right type of hard hat keep you protected from harm and danger on the work environment.